Freelance paralegal ?
Why, when I can hire someone?

First and foremost, you don’t have to spend the time, money, or resources to advertise, interview, hire, and train a new employee.  It’s like pressing the fast forward button on your remote to instantly advance three months down the line.  And, because a freelance paralegal is not an employee, you minimize your overhead and eliminate:

  •     The need for extra office space, furniture, equipment, and supplies;
  •     Employment taxes, disability, unemployment, and workers’ compensation insurance;
  •     Medical and dental insurance;
  •     SEP and retirement plans; and
  •     Continuing education costs for employees.

When you need help, you simply contract with a freelance paralegal to ease the tension of your caseload and receive immediate support.  Unlike paying to have an employee always on-hand, a freelance paralegal remains on-call to assist you when you need it, resulting in a drastic reduction in cost for receiving substantive legal support.